Workflow Dokumentation - Node IDs in exact execution order

Hi Ivan,

many thanks for your input.

Just to be sure, with KNIME log you refer to the knime.log file in folder …\knime-workspace.metadata\knime. I am asking because when I open this file and search for similar entries (e.g. EXECUTUNG or EXECUTED) I cannot find anything besides warnings. Do I have to change the “level of monitoring” (e.g. WARN, ERRORS etc.) to increase the depth of information for the log file somewhere? And how do you differentiate between different workflows within the file (just by date and time?). I hae to admit I will have to have a deeper look at the file.

The good old KNIME question. Is there maybe an example workflow for parsing the KNIME log? So far I could only Google search find workflows for parsing server logs.

One additional thing: as Patrick1947 explained in his forum entry: How to write a documentation for a KNIME workflow? - #9 by Patrick1974

… at the moment I am only able to correctly parse the “workflow.knime” file with the xpath node when:

… especially the part “Replacing the first config-tag” was neccessary to parse all nodes but I was just wondering if there is a configuration of the XPATH node to do it without manipulation of the workflow.knime file.

Many thanks again.

I will give an update on far I have come with the new information.