Workflow example with multiple hierarchical Autocomplete Text Widgets


I am looking for an example workflow which uses a Component with several consecutive Autocomplete Text Widgets in a hierarchical fashion to make table row selections, basically allowing to do what can be done in DataWarrior with drop-down menus:

where the choices available on a level depend on what is selected in the level above. But ideally it would not be required to select something all the way down, e.g. if one would select down to level 3 everything from the levels below would be included. So all levels could be set to ‘Any’ in order to pull up all data (which comes from database).

I hope you understand what I would like to accomplish.

Any pointers appreciated/Evert

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I have a component that works a bit like this but it annoyingly requires repeated re-evaluation of the Component after selecting each subsequent “level”… I am also curious if somebody has a better solution!


I don’t use Widgets myself, but with version 4.5 they got a new feature: Re-Execution. Sounds like it fits the job description @Aswin?
What’s New in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.5 and KNIME Server 4.14 | KNIME

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Thanks @Thyme i didn’t know about this! I guess it is time for me to upgrade to the latest version…

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I created two example components that show how something like this can be implemented using the Re-Execution functionality we introduced with KNIME 4.5.

Please have a look at them and let me know in case of any questions.



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