Workflow execution status and node errors monitorings

Hi all,
The question is: let’s say we have a server(s) with tons of workflows and jobs, executed manually or automatically by some schedule. Some of them may fail because of different kind of causes: the source data is not available, the database connection drops during execution, the disk became full and so on.
Is it possible to know which workflow failed, on which step and node, what was the reason?
Is it possible to have a single monitoring page with all information about all workflows, their statuses, errors, schedules etc.?


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Hi Andriy,

Thanks for the question. At the moment there is the example workflow that analyses the KNIME Server log files and shows a simple dashboard. We’re currently revisiting how we do monitoring, and I’ve added your requirements to the list.




Hi Jon,

Is this something you can share with me please? I would be very appreciative.



Hi @ben_westphal,

The workflow you are looking for is here:

Apart from that, we have recently add a lot of new monitoring functionality. This will be released on Dec 6 as part of KNIME Server 4.12, so only a few days away :slight_smile:


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