Workflow groups created are not shown on Web Portal

HI All,

I have created the new workflow groups on server connecting through Knime Analytics Portal and I do not find them when I log in to Server Web Portal.

I have tried restarting the server with no success. I can see the folders created on my server but not visible in web portal.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @arunknimeuser,

Is there any chance this workflow directory is empty? Or that it doesn’t contain any workflows? Because the WebPortal only shows directories if they contain workflows.

Alternatively, did you login with the same user on both client and WebPortal? I.e., does your WebPortal user have permissions to read from those directories? Because if not, they are not displayed either.



Hi @RolandBurger

Yes my workflow directory was empty. I am an admin and was creating empty directories for the users to deploy their workflows to their personal directory.

Now I have placed a sample workflow and it solved my issue.
Thank you very much for your quick response.