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I generated one consumer account which has only access to one folder with one workflow. Is it possible to hide the left task bar, that the workflow directly starts in full screen mode? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Alkaline

we currently have two versions of our webportal.

The old one, you can add a parameter to the URL (&single) which will hide the repository tree (

For the more recent webportal, there is no more repository tree, it was released with 4.11., which is our most recent server release. You can go to the new webportal by adding /webportal to your KNIME Server URL, see here for a full documentation of the new webportal, and also some screenshots. It is more performant and has a modernized UI as well.:

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Hi Iris,

thank you! The first link helped me to build a corresponding URL to login directly and to open the workflow in full screen.

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one additional question:
The workflow opens still with the settings & logout bar at the top. Is it possible to remove also this? If this is not possible, can I at least prevent users to change the password? I would like to share a link to some colleagues where the workflow opens directly. And I don´t want a user to be able to change the password, as this will prevent the other users to use the workflow.

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Hi @Alkaline

no that is not possible to be completely removed. We will however will provide this with the new webportal with the next releases.

Best, Iris

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