Workflow Job on Knime forum does not produce pdf


I created a scheduled workflow job that daily produces a Report that gets sent to me via E-Mail. That just worked fine in the last days, but today it did not produce a pdf. Manually starting a new workflow job also did not help. It says the workflow executed successfully, but the warning-message is the following:

“Warning: Could not generate the report in PDF-format for attaching it. Please see the log file for details.”

What’s the Problem here? And what log file is this precisely referring to? If I open my workflow and go to “View -> open Knime Log” I don’t get any logs that correspond to the workflow Jobs.

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This is referring to the log files of the server executor. You can download them as zip from the WebPortal (Administration -> Status Info -> Download Server Log Files. You need to be logged in as admin to access that page. The information you need will be either in the localhost.yyyy.MM.dd-log in the server folder or in the knime.log in one of the runtime_knime-rmi-* folders.

Please post the relevant content of the log here. If there is confidential information in there you can of course also message me directly.



sorry that I did not answer before! The Problem disappeared after some hours and did not happen again, so I did not investigate the issue any further.

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Hi @Knime_Beginner,

I read this post from way back.
I need to create a pdf output with representation of graph and tables in it.
It is basically a monthly report that needs to go to managers.

You seem to have worked on generating pdf documents out of a workflows.
What node did you use for that?


Hi @Shai,

a workflow deployed to KNIME Server needs to have a report template built in it in order to create it upon execution. While configuring a job you can define email addresses and report format which should be attached. See here for more on job configuration. And here you can learn more about reporting with KNIME Server. I advise to deploy a workflow example linked in previous link to your KNIME Server and try it out.

Hope this helps!