Workflow on a schedule

Whilst you can set up workflows to run on a schedule from the knime server via the knime client, it would be very user friendly if there was a feature to run a workflow on a schedule on the knime server via the web interface. This would be by remembering your selections/answers to any quick forms, and when the workflow completes you have option to rerun the workflow on a schedule using the same answers chosen from this run of the workflow.

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Hi @richards99

thank you for this idea, I very much agree with the usecase. I also often have this that I am happy with my parameters and than for scheduling need to reenter them.

One small part of your usecase we are currently already offering. We are having a Webportal Workflow using which you can schedule any workflow on the KNIME Server. You can find this workflow here

I will forward your other request to our Product Management.

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