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I’m new to KNIME Tool, I would like to know how to we setup a workflow Executions in KNIME server like
Execute Workflow A
if Success → Then, Execute Workflow B → if Success → Then, Execute Workflow C.
Else → send Email (with failed details). -------------->Else → send Email (with failed details)



Hi @kotlapullareddy

Welcome to KNIME FOrum.

You can explore the concept of Call Worklow (see KNIME Hub).
gr. Hans

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Hi @kotlapullareddy,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum and cool to hear that you are starting to use KNIME!
I would suggest using Call Workflow Service nodes in a separate orchestration workflow to call your workflows based on the logic you have defined. You can use the Try (Data Ports) and Catch Errors (Data Ports) nodes to react to workflow failures. An email can be sent using he Send Email node.
Please have a look at our docs for workflow invocation for more info.
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Thanks your reply @AlexanderFillbrunn.

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