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Context: we have a Workspace with different Workflows, it has been working for more than a year without complications, last week we upgraded to KNIME 4.7 version, at first it generated an error but I followed the following recommendation Contacting Software Sites has encountered a problem - #3 by Snowy
and the upgrade was successful.

The Workspace worked correctly for a week but a few days ago I opened and some Workflows did not appear, as if they had been deleted. But they are nowhere to be found. I don’t think it’s because of the upgrade either but I need to get my Workflows back.

These are the folders belonging to the Workflows before the incident:

And folders now:

Question: Is there any way to recover lost Workflows?
Isn’t there a recycle garbage can for flows, to see the deleted Workflows?

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Not sure what the solution here is, but if things get desperate you can always do a system restore.

@christianlondon could you give us more details, what kind of system is this, is it on a shared folder? The basic KNIME versions does not have an integrated recycle bin or recovery mechanism (yet) - the KNIME server although does. Concerning backup and recovery you might want to explore these threads:

I have suggested a small DIY backup system you might want to consider:

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