Workflow-relative path in "PDF Parser" node


When entering a workflow-relative path in the PDF Parser node (knime://knime.workflow/…/data) I get the error selected directory is not valid. The path works fine in an Excel Reader node in the same workflow. When I specify the same folder as a local path insead, the PDF Parser node accepts it.

Hey @mpenalver,

workflow-relative paths have not been fully implemented yet for the PDF Parser, but there is a ticket for it.

As a workaround, you could use the List Files node with a workflow relative path, strip the filename with the String Manipulation and pass the resolved local path as a Flow Variable to the PDF Parser. This will ensure that the workflow will also work on another machine (that probably doesn’t share the same folder structure) if you share it.




Thanks a lot @julian.bunzel, both for the info and for the suggested workaround. Glad to read it’s in the pipeline. My alternative solution has been to use the Variable Expressions node to define a variable containing the relative path and resolve it using the URL to File Path (Variable) node.


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