workflow requires missing node extensions

I bought a new computer, loaded knime 4.7.1, and imported a workflow on my old computer via a dropbox link.

I get the message “workflow requires missing node extensions”, which I then agree to import the extensions the system lists.

My problem is when I click “next” in the list of items to install, nothing happens, the popup menu just sits there with no activity.

I am additionally getting this message


In any case, I can’t use my workflow on my new computer.

Just an update: I checked the entire list of system “install” items, and I already had every one of them installed. So I don’t know why I was getting this popup requirement. I then installed two more items that seemed to have no affiliation with the list above, restarted knime, and now all the node errors are cleared. I had done that before the initial post at least 6 times with no positive results. I have no defined solution but somehow the errors are gone. thanks

Thanks for the detailed feedback, and I’m glad that at least your issue is resolved now. It’s unfortunate that there’s not a clear indicator of what happened here, but I wonder if it’s somehow related to this issue:

At any rate, this is useful information to have on hand in case this problem pops up for someone else and we need to dig in further. Thanks again!

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