Workflow Running Timer Stuck at 00:00:00

Hi All,

Just installed server large 4.16. The webapp timer that displays the running time for the workflow being executed is stuck at 00:00:00 for all workflows that I’m running. Is there a configuration or something I’m missing that would allow this timer to work again?

Hi @jabel2,

this is rather odd. I believe the timer runs in the local browser. What browser are you using? I’d personally recommend Firefox or Chrome (full list of supported browsers here).
Could you check whether you have any plugins active that may interfere (e.g. a JavaScript blocker or ad blocker)? Trying an incognito/private window (or clearing the cache) may also help.

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Hey @marvin.kickuth ,

I’m using Chrome 109 with no plugins (managed by enterprise), cleared cashe, using incognito. Still 0’s when executing.

I don’t see any obvious javascript or other blockers for this. Our old server version 4.14 had timers working a week or so ago before we fresh installed 4.16. So I don’t think browser blockers are causing this.

I’m open to any other suggestions. It currently makes our workflows look like their hanging causing users to cancel or abandon them early. Long running python scripts especially.

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Hi @jabel2,

I took a closer look at the functionality – this is indeed information sent back from the server (the executor, technically). However, this functionality didn’t change recently and I can’t reproduce the behavior.

You can see the response from the server by inspecting the traffic while on the execution page (on Chrome, F12 and switch to the “Network” tab):

Double-clicking on one of the “execution-statistics” entries will display the information sent from the server. This will include a lot of data. In this case the important part is the totalExecutionDuration.

Assuming this is (close to) zero in each request, we will need to look into the server and executor setup – did you install a fresh server, or update an existing server (from which version)? Which operating system is the executor running on? Could you share a set of logs?
As this seems to be a single case and the logs may not be suited for the public, it may make sense to open a support case with us via Ideally, answering the above questions.

Generally, we discourage the use of .0 versions (e.g. 4.16.0) in production setups. While I don’t think this is necessary related to the .0 version, you may want to update to 4.16.1 when convenient.

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