Workflow summary info does not identify outdated components

I am trying to create a workflow that identifies outdated components in other workflows. In theory this should be simple, as the node information from the Workflow Summary Extractor includes an item for linked components called linkInfo, which includes a parameter called updateStatus. But this parameter seems to say ‘UpToDate’ regardless of whether the component is in fact up to date. To be clear, by ‘outdated’ I mean that if you open a workflow and right-click on a linked component, it says there is an update available.

Is there perhaps a bug in the way the workflow XML is being generated? Or am I misinterpreting this parameter?

I note that the same parameter is used in the Outdated Components Validation component released as part of the Continuous Deployment in Data Science framework.

Note that I have only tested this in KAP 4.6.3.

Hi Angus,

You are completely right. There is a bug in 4.6.3 that we fixed it with 4.7. The Outdated Components Validation suffers from the same bug.
If possible, I would advise you to update to 4.7. You will see a new option in the Workflow Summary Extractor node dialog “Check for updates of linked components and metanodes” that allows you to explicitly turn that feature on and off.


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Thanks Simon, nice to know there is a simple explanation! Our organisation generally doesn’t update until the X.X.1 version is available, so I may need to wait until 4.7.1 to use this feature. But at least I know it will be there.


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