Workflow timing out on Knime Server

Need help getting my workflow to run via web portal.

I conducted the following steps.

  1. Installed Knime-Server on AWS.
  2. Setup an elastic IP
  3. Setup the IP as a trusted IP address on my Application server
  4. Went to my knime analytics platform
  5. Deployed the workflow on the server
  6. Went to Knime WebPortal
  7. Tried to execute the workflow.

I get a message as follows.

Note that the workflow executes just fine via my analytics platform.
I don’t even files or pass parameters.
The workflow simply connects to my database and updates records.

What could I be missing?
How do I diagnose the issue?
Suggestions welcome.

Communications link failure basically means that the client (the server executor) is not able to communicate with the server (your MySQL server) and can have different causes. Successful connection from client eliminates already some of them.

Do you use hostname or IP in the database URL? If it is hostname, can you verify that it is being resolved correctly from the DNS or use IP instead? Can you ping the DB server from your AWS KNIME Server vm? Is there a limitation in open connections that you might have run into? Is some system in between KNIME Server and DB server that is blocking connections, e.g. a firewall or proxy?