Workflow to ease collecting debug information


most Knime users that re struggling with challenging issues have yet not the know to collect debug information. For a long time, ever since @AnotherFraudUser created the replacement in AF Utilities (I cannot thank him enough!), I had the idea to provide a workflow which automatically collects as much as possible.

I have taken an opportunity to create an initial draft I’d like to share and hope we can extend it as much as possible. Thanks in advance to all who contribute.

About the workflow
Purpose of this Workflow: Ease collecting information for debugging. Ideally, no additional (non default) extensions are used.

Note: The Bash node was removed. Shell Script node from AF Utilities (big thanks!) is used as the sole non-default extension.

What it does: Collects information such as logs form Knime as well as your system, which plugins and version are installed, details about system setup.

What it does NOT: It does NOT alter your system, nor shares it any sensitive data.

Planned for future versions of this workflow

  1. Upload all details or send as an email
  2. Provide first aid based on collected information (i.e. no disk space, outdated software etc.)
  3. Anything special about Phyton to consider?
  4. HWInfo SKD as DLL (Critical due to Windows Defender)?