Workflow to map drug names into RxNorm standard code

I am trying to find either extensions or a workflow that would allow for me to map a list of drugs that I have to their corresponding RxNorm standard codes (CUIs) and clinical drug forms (for multi-ingredient drugs) using the OHDSI Vocabulary (version 5).

If there are no extensions or workflows currently available, I have access to the RxNorm API through UMLS, but was not sure how I could interface this with KNIME. Thanks in advance for your response!

For APIs, you can use the GET REQUEST node. Examples: REST Web Services | KNIME

For mapping, you can use the String Replace (Dictionary) node: string_replace_farsi – KNIME Hub

Thanks victor for answering, Victor!

I am curious, does there happen to be a tutorial or any information on using ETL tools in KNIME to map drug names with OHDSI CDM?

I couldn’t find any specific tutorials. But if you are learning the basics of ETL, here is an introduction with KNIME: Example Workflow for ETL Basics Operations – KNIME Hub

If you can produce the data, a workflow, as well as your expected output (with a picture or with a screenshot from excel, etc.), I can give more specific advise.

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