Workflow to require specific node version

Hi there, is it possible to specify a minimum version of node Abc that is used in my workflow?

If I look at the topic Workflow requires missing extensions it seems that there is just such a requirement in that workflow.

But if so, how can I specify such a requirement?

Best, Frank

Hi @sonnenburg,

That screenshot is misleading, the version numbers are part of the names of those nodes. They are from the Weka 3.7 extension, and the version number differentiates them from the Weka 3.6 and Weka 3.1 extension:

If nodes change significantly between releases, they don’t get a new version, instead the old version is deprecated and a new node with the extended functionality is created.
What you can do is to check for deprecated nodes, e.g. with the testing framework: KNIME Testing Framework UI – KNIME Hub
(right click on a workflow and then select “run as workflow test”, in the menu you can then select “check for deprecated nodes”.


You can block specific nodes to be executed on the KNIME Server:



Thanks Gabriel, for these advices.

Yes, I think here the best is to mark my old nodes as deprecated.

Regards, Frank

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