Workflow - Upload multiple tables at once via DB Writer node

Hi Knime Community,

I would like to upload multiple different tables into my Oracle database at once using the DB Writer node.

So far, I have 4 different tables (different columns) connected with a Single Selection Widget and a CASE Switch Start to display alltables in one Table Editor Window.

After doing some adjustments to the tables in the Table Editor Window, I would like to upload all 4 different tables at once to 4 different tables in Oracle via the DB Writer node. I tried to use a Loop with the Oracle table names as flow variables. But its not working out. Could anyone help me to set up a workflow that can upload multiple tables at once? Thanks for your support!

Hello @jana_knime,

I’m a bit confused with your workflow design and what you are trying to achieve. If you have your data sources inside a CASE Switch then don’t think it’s possible as CASE Switch End node will only have data from one of your sources. Can you explain a bit more what are you doing there?

Additionally writing multiple tables in DB is close to what you have done using loop only data source should be inside a loop as well. Then you need to control with flow variable both path for data source you are reading and DB table name you are writing to.



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