Workflow Version Control

We have KNIME server installed in our Production and Staging Environments. We also design workflows on our personal KNIME desktop installations. At present the only way to identify the version of workflow running on each environment is the create date. There is no way to identify the version of a workflow running on different environments. The way we work is we develop a workflow on KNIME desktop. Then test in our Staging, then Deploy on Production. We need a way to control the versions better. I understand all changes can be highlighted if 2 versions of a workflow are compared, but this is a time consuming task. Please implement version control of workflows.


Hi @grahamsturmey ,

Let me look into this to see if there is already a plan to do this. In the mean time, could you label your workflows as “Staging” or “Prod”, and then when you move from your staging to prod you could change the name of the workflow to identify it as a currently working prod workflow?

Just to clarify as well so that I make sure I understand your use case, you would like each workflow to potentially have an additional “tag” or “metadata” entry to see which Knime Server it was run on or is currently running on?


Not exactly Zack, it’s more about the version of the Workflows.
workflow V1 running on Production
Workflow V1 running on Staging
Workflow V2 running on Dev

User notices a bug in Production so revision is necessary. The fix is identified and developed on Dev platform on top of some other things under development so V3 is created. V3 tested in Staging, then deployed to Production.

With no version numbers, it is very difficult to track the version of Workflows running on different environments…


Hi @grahamsturmey

thank you for posting this question. Getting this kind of feedback from our users is extremely valuable for us. Zack and me discussed this with our product team and this is the direction we are also going with our products. We will keep you posted when this will be released.

Kind regards, Iris