Workflow with Parameters after discard job


i use some workflows via links with predefined input parameters e.g
that works, but:

if the workflow is complete and the user clicks on discard
the workflow jumps to the start. But the parameters get lost, result:
How can I prevent this?

Hi Tim,

what sort of use case do you have in mind?
I think this isn’t possible at the moment. However, you could create a final view that asks the user whether they want to jump back to the start (similar to this example: Blackjack – KNIME Hub)
Using a loop you can then then control how the execution continues.

Would this work in your case?

Kind regards

Hello @marvin.kickuth
the back button on the web portal does not work properly. Using the back button will end the complete workflow :frowning:

Hi Tim,

do you happen to have a small example workflow/procedure (with dummy data) that I can test here?
It would help a lot if I can reproduce the error.

Kind regards

Hello @marvin.kickuth,

see here…
Loop_Webpportal.knwf (36.5 KB)

Turns out we don’t save any intermediate state of loop iterations, i.e. the back button would try to step right outside the loop…
The fastest workaround would be to add some component/WebPortal page in front of the loop, which it can jump back to.
I don’t think there is a nice workaround here, but we have new features almost out that solve this entire problem.

Kind regards

i’ve added an additional component to configure the parameters.
So i don’t need the loop and direct link anymore until the new features are available.


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