Workflow works in KNIME GUI/does not work in Batch

Hello, I have an issue related to a workflow that works from the KNIME GUI and it does not work as batch (although I am pretty sure the batch command is correct)

The batch execution is problematic with the “Render to Image” node.

The workflow is: I read molecular structures in, and then do some processing,  I transform the molecular structures in images specifying the Marvin Renderer (I need this exact renderer) with  the “Render to Image” node. The workflow works in KNIME without any error messages. But in batch mode (starting with the console) suddenly it doesn’t work anymore. The command is:

 knime -consoleLog -nosplash -reset -nosave -workflowDir="%WorkflowDir -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION

I found out in the log file that in batch mode the “Render to Image” node doesn’t work properly and gives me this message:

KNIME-Worker-1 Renderer to Image          Renderer 'Marvin' does not exist for column ‘SD_File_Labels'.

My installation is the Knime 2.10.4 version.

Have you experienced some similar habit?

Thanks for any input


This is a bug in the Marvin extension. It doesn't register the renderer properly. If you put a Marvin node in the workflow (doesn't need to be connected) then it should work.

Hi there! Your workaround seems to work. Many thanks for the prompt reply.