WorkflowManager warn - Unable to insert connection "[1(0) -> 2( 0)]"

Hi All,

I saw a similar topic in the forum, where it is mentioned that knime plugins donot get properly loaded if trying to run a workflow through a simple java application but for me the problem faced is opposite. I have a simple workflow that uses knime core and knime base plugins. if I try to load and execute it through a simple java application, it is working ( code attached at the end ) but the same, when i am trying to do through an eclipse plugin project, i am getting the error "Unable to insert connection “[1(0) -> 2( 0)]” and the workflow doesnot execute. my plugin is dependent on two knime plugins : knime.core and knime.base. can you please suggest what the error can be

Code :
File fx = new File(filePath);
WorkflowManager metaMgr = null;
WorkflowLoadResult load = META_NODE_NEW_ROOT.load(fx, new ExecutionMonitor());
metaMgr = load.getWorkflowManager();