Workflows disappeared from knime explorer after changing from where i access VDI

Hi guys,
this is my 1st post in here, so plz bear with me the trouble of my situation

I have been using knime for a while now, and i established several clustering workflows and a workflow to analyze a campaign lately.

i access VDI through my work laptop but lately i had to use it through another because mine was broken. when i did so, all my workflows disappeared from the knime explorer, and i can t create new ones. Moreover when i try to import my old workflows i receive this message “java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException”

can anyone plz help

Hi @mh_elhassan ,

Do you happen to know if your new VDI has the same folders as your old VDI? If your KNIME AP is not pointing to the proper workspace, you may not see any of your previous workflows. You should be able to change the directory that KNIME is looking at for it’s workspace:

Please let me know if this helps? How are you attempting to import your old workflows, and are you on the same version of KNIME AP as your older VDI?


sorry for the late reply. it turned out i that i saved the same workflow in different workspaces, and did not notice until it was too late.

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