Workflows from KNIME Server to Local Work space

HI KNIME Community,

is there a possibility to have a workflow that takes all workflows on the server as an input and write a copy of these workflows out in a folder in the local workspace?

Thank you very much!

The server has a REST API that you can use to do this using the GET Request node. For example, a request to will give you a JSON that lists all children of a workflow group. A GET Request to will download a workflow. Using these two commands, you can build a workflow that does what you want. If you want to traverse your whole repository, you may need a Recursive Loop. With that you can collect all URLs and then pass them all in one go to a GET Request that downloads them all.
I hope these pointers help!
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Thank you very much for the answer. I didnt think about the REST API-Solution. I will try it out

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