Workflows open as folders


Some of my workflows are now showing up as folders vs a Workflow. What can I do to recover the workflow?

Thank you

Hello @nxfxcom,

I remember seeing this issue in the past but can’t remember what was the cause and is there fix. I tried searching for similar topic on forum but no luck. Maybe you can give a try or hopefully someone else will know more.


Hi @nxfxcom,

If it’s truly only some workflows you could try your luck with an “Import workflow” on the affected folders – this should make them usable as proper workflows again.


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@nxfxcom could you give us more details about your setup? Your operating system?

You should check if you could import your workflows as folders in maybe another installation (always keep a copy/backup) of your current workflows.

There indeed have been some strange issues with folders and operating systems. Also problems with external storages or shared drives. Any information in that regard? Any error messages?

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