Working With Collections - Collection Types

The goal of the workflow is to demonstrate the creation and working with collection cells. It is divided into three parts. The "Collection types" section describes the two different collection types that are supported by KNIME namely - Lists: list all elements including duplicates in the order they were added to the collection. - Sets: list the elements in an arbitrary order but contain each element only once. Required plugins: - KNIME Itemset Mining (contains the Item Set Finder (Borgelt) node) General Information The KNIME data table outport view displays by default only the first part of a collection cell. If you want to view all elements of a collection change the cell renderer via the column context menu. To open the context menu click with the right mouse button on the column header e.g. (...)Characters in the table outport view of the top left GroupBy node. Select the Collection(full) renderer from the available renderes. Notice other data types allow you to change the cell renderer as well e.g. multi line renderer for string or full precission renderer for double values.

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