Working with hierarchical data

Hi there,

we have some data that is hierarchical organized (for example account hierarchies, sales territory hierarchies). Typically there is a table with entries and for each entry a parent ID exists (which references to another row of that table). The hierarchies are typically multi-level trees.

We would like to work with these hierarchies in KNIME and accomplish the following:

  1. Identify/filter/process all parent nodes of a given child/set of childs
  2. Identify/filter/process all child nodes of a given parent/set of parents
  3. Identify/filter/process all entries (leafs or nodes) of a given level
  4. Add levels within a hierarchy or switch parents
  5. Determine the root of a given leaf

I was wondering if there are any extensions supporting operations on hierarchies? There are of course possibilities with Java or SQL code, but it would be great if some kind of support would exist with nodes or extensions to use as little code as possible.


You could try and explore Network functions in KNIME and see if they might be able to help.

Here are some examples on the hub

Thanks. I had a look, but it seems the network Mining is more targeted on visualizing the data. I a more seeking for data manipulation nodes on hierarchies.


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