Workspace : error : it is used by another user/instance.


I get this message “ it is used by another user/instance. ” , every time when i want to open old workflow or try to build new workspace by using new name.

I looked at the different posts in the community for questions related to the locking of the workflows and most indicated to delete the “.knimelock” file. However, there is no “.knimelock” file that I can find - at most a “.lock” file. Removing the “.lock” file didn’t help.

Anyone any experience with resolving this problem or other idea that could resolve the point?

What all i tried –

  1. delete lock files
  2. uninstalled and again install knime
  3. try to make new wrokspace in same directory or different directory


Interesting. What OS and KNIME AP version are you using?

I would have suggested that you create an entirely new workspace and start there, but it sounds like you already did that. Does this happen for every old workflow you try to open, or only certain ones? Did this perhaps happen after an upgrade from a previous version of KNIME?

Sorry for the trouble. I’ll ask for some ideas internally.

OS - windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
knime - 4.1.0

Yes for workflow it showing same .
So, temporary I save the knime project as workflow and using it .

No online solution are working with this.

Hi @shruti_dabral -

Are you using KNIME batch mode at the command line for workflow execution, or just regular execution within KNIME AP?

I am using regular execution within KNIME App

Hi @shruti_dabral -

Is there any other error message you can see in the log files that might shine a light on what’s going on?

Also, after you get this message, if you close down KNIME and then try to open it again, are you then able to access a workflow? Or are you just unable to access any workflow after you’ve initially created it?

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