Workspace selector hidden by branding

I recently downloaded KNIME version 3.5.3 and have been looking into its features.

I have noticed that when KNIME starts, the workspace selector is hidden by the branding (see attached image). This might seem trivial, but think about it from my point of view as a user; the very first thing the software does has an issue. This does not build confidence!

Version: 3.5.3
OS: KDE Neon (GNU/Linux, based on Ubuntu)

Action: Launch KNIME.
Expectation: Workspace selector visible (as is typical with Eclipse).
Observed: Workspace selector is obscured.

Hi @BigJ,

Do you observe the same issue with Eclipse Oxygen? If not, could you try out the nightly build and see if the issue persists?


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I don’t recall ever seeing it with Eclipse Oxygen, the migration to Neon happened some time ago so I don’t have a copy to check.

I’ve checked the nightly and the problem persists.

Is this the correct place to be logging bugs and suggesting improvements? I encountered quite a number of issues when evaluating KNIME.

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Oxygen is the most recent stable version. In any case, do you observe similar issues with Neon on your machine?

Also, which window server are you running, i.e. Wayland or X11?

The forum is the right place for this. Thanks for providing feedback!

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Sorry, total brainfart. No, this does not happen in Eclispe Oxygen 3.a

It does happen in the Knime nightly.

As I am on KDE Neon, I am using Wayland.

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