Wraped Metanode Plot View Publish / Subscription Selection

Hello Knimers,

I’m trying to make a selection filtering in a wraped metanode view but I couldn’t managed to do it and I cannot figure what i’m doing wrong. Im doing it as I saw it on the example 03.02.09.

This is what I did what I did:

Example 03.02.09:

Could you help me pleas? I’m using the most recent Knime version.

Thank you!

If want to make sure that you have interactive sliders in your combined view, you need to make sure to implement the Range Slider Filter Definition node inside the component as shown in the example.

Or are you trying to do something else?

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@ScottF, Thank you

Well, what I want to do is something as the image is showing:

  • When I select something in the table above the plot, highlight the data in the plot.
  • When I select data from the plot, select the check box from the table
  • Also I added a Value Filter Quickform that when I select something there it shows only the selected data.

Everything is in the Wraped Metanode, and the Publish Selection and Subscription Selection are enabled also the Filter but it doesnt connect and anything I select or filter doesn’t affect the others.

I didn’t added the slider because for the analysis I didn’t need it but, does it need to be for everything to work?

What version of KNIME are you using? It seems like it might be an older version.

Can you post a simple example workflow (as opposed to screenshots), along with some dummy data? That would help for troubleshooting.

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Thank you @ScottF for the follow up!

Im sorry this is a late reply but I found the solution for the points above and it result that before the table view there is a GroupBy node which you need to enable the check box of “Enable Hiliting”

After doing it, I can select an option of the table and it will “Hilight” the data values on the plot:

Now with the value filter I’m using an Interactive Value Filter Node instead and it seems it works with the plot, if I use a Quick Form it doesn’t work as interactive.

Attached I send an example. Also this is the version of Knime that im using:


Plot Filtering Example.knwf (16.9 KB)

Thank You!


Great! Glad you were able to get to a solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting it for the benefit of others!

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