Wrapped Metanode Cannot Parse Date Flow Variable

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • KNIME Analytics Platform 3.6.2.v201811051557 org.knime.product.desktop

Pretty easy to reproduce, just run the attached workflow or open (double click) and close the wrapped metanode quickform dialog so it performs (and fails) validation.

I have a Date Input going into a Wrapped Metanode that consists of another Date Input. I want the date input on the outside to pass its value to the date input inside the metanode (passing it to the from-time-244 parameter). There appears to be no way to do this. No matter how the input date is formatted, it always says it can’t parse the date. I’ve tried formatting it in several different ways (YYYY-MM-dd;HH:mm as well as YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss) and nothing has worked.

DateMetanodeBug.knwf (11.5 KB)


Can you tell me what you are trying to do. I’ve checked your worklow and am not really sure I understand.


In the meantime:

  • open the Wrapped Metanode
  • connect the variable port of the WrappedNode Input to your Date&Time Input node


  • open the configuration panel of the Wrapped Metanode and choose which variables from the workflow you wish to be visible in the Wrapped Metanode

This should solve your issue.


As I explained: “I want the date input on the outside to pass its value to the date input inside the metanode (passing it to the from-time-244 parameter)”

If you aren’t sure what I’m trying to do despite my explanation of what I’m trying to do, then you should be more specific about what part of my explanation doesn’t make sense. Telling me you don’t understand without giving me any specifics doesn’t give me anything to go on.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. What I meant was not the technical problem but more the workflow problem, i.e. why do you want to pass the date input into the metanode? But after reading the description you have in the first Date Input node cleared that up.


we do not support Date and Time Flow Variables. But we are accepting String Flow Variables in a specific Format as dates. Than they can be used as a default for date and time.

This format is : yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSSVV’[‘zzzz’]’

It will be generated from the Date Input Quickform node by using the option Date&Time with zone in the type dropdown.

Cheers, Iris

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Thanks, I guess I just didn’t happen upon the magic date format that makes it work.

Yes, we are working on having less well hidden magic in KNIME :slight_smile:

I once wrote a blog post about this, but there I also did not add the full details about the Flow Variables. You can find it here: https://www.knime.com/blog/the-new-date-time-integration

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