write data in Excel Writer below existing cells

Hey guys :slight_smile: I have problem with Excel Writer. I wonder how to write data below existing cells.

e.g. In my sheet I have:
23 | abc | 20.08.2020
34 | wet | 21.08.2020

I calculate data with Knime and I have:
37 | rey | 22.08.2020

and I want to have in my sheet:
23 | abc | 20.08.2020
34 | wet | 21.08.2020
37 | rey | 22.08.2020

Hello @pjacob,

this is not possible. It is necessary to read file, append the data and then write it again. For more ideas see here: Copy Rows and paste into an existing excel file with existing layout

There is a ticket to add append function and will add +1 for you. (Internal reference: AP-14911)



@ipazin thank you very much :smiley:

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