Write Datestamped FileName to Sharepoint


I can get this to work when writing an excel file to a “normal” file share, but cannot seem to get it to work with a SharePoint connection. So the use case is to use a “Create Date&Time Range” node to append the current date to a file name, and then pass this as input to an Excel writer node. Since this is a SharePoint location I also need to turn on a “File system connection” and when I do this, the Excel Writer node does not accept the variable with the full path, even though it is converted into a path variable…

Any thoughts?

Hi @jpau and welcome to the forum.

(I moved your question into its own topic since I thought it was specific enough that it might help others.)

Here’s an example workflow that I think should get you what you want, or at least pretty close. I tested on my system and it worked, at any rate. See what you think:

Sharepoint_File_Datestamp_Example.knwf (19.9 KB)


Thanks @ScottF !

That did the trick. The part that I had difficulties wrapping my head around was where in the flow to apply the path variable, and your solution illustrates that perfectly.



Hi jpau,
you could also use the path and date&time function in the Column Expressions node. Have a look at these workflow for more details



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