Write File to Sharepoint

Hi all,

ive finished a workflow and i want to save the new flies directly in a SharePoint folder.
Ive found some extensions like “Share Point Online Connector”, “Microsoft Authentication”, “Upload file to SharePoint” but i just dont know what i have to input in these components.
Is there a simple example workflow that I could use?
It should just save the file to the SharePoint folder.

Thanks all

Hello @Aco_Krivo,

here is workflow example that demonstrates how to write data to and read data from SharePoint with nodes you mentioned:



For me the hardest thing was finding the appropriate URL for the Sharepoint site, which in my case was a Teams site.

The following settings worked with me on the Sharepoint Connector node:

Sharepoint site:

  • Select the Web URL radio button
  • URL: https://<YOUR-COMPANY-NAME>.sharepoint.com/teams/<NAME-OF-TEAMS-SITE>/

File system settings:

  • Working directory: /Documents

Hope this helps.


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