Write more excel files which has more sheets

I need to write more Excel files which has more sheets.

for example
File1.xlsx has 3 data sheets
File2.xlsx has 4 data sheets
File3.xlsx has 3 sheets …etc.

please give me a solution with nested loop handling.

Sanjeewa Nalinda

Hi @snalinda and welcome to the KNIME community.

Perhaps you can supply some sample data to use as an example and provide more context.

What circumstances dictate how many sheets will be written to a specific file for example?

You can write a fixed number of sheets using a single Excel Writer by creating multiple “sheet ports” on the Writer and connecting data to each.

Alternatively in a loop, a single Excel Writer can be called on each iteration and the name of the single sheet name to be appended supplied as a flow variable.


The more information you can give, the easier it will be for people to give guidance.


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