Write pivoted data to a google sheet

Dear Knime community,
I would like to write pivoted data to a google sheet, but I can’t get Knime to export the “Pivots”.
It seems to aggregate them.

My workflow looks like this:

Data should look like this:

But this is the result I get:

Any ideas?

Hi there, I have no clue why, but I just rebuilt the worklow and it started working as expected.

Hi everyone, men, it stopped working again for no reason I can explain.
Can anyone help?

My first thought here is that you are using both the top and middle outputs of the Pivoting node. For a “proper” pivot table, you probably want to be using just the top output. The middle output gives you group totals only.

If you’re still having trouble, can you upload your WF with just the configuration of the Pivoting and Excel Writer nodes? Let’s make sure you are writing the proper format before you worry about uploading anything to Google.

Hey ScottF,
hi wasn’t aware that there is a difference between top and mittle output. But this was the missing piece.
Is the bottom one behaving differently, too?
Thanks a lot.


More or less, the middle port provides row totals, and the bottom port column totals.

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