write polish characters in an csv file

Hi all,
I am quite new in KNIME and I need your help.
I am working in a global team and I need to export my knime table to a csv file. The table contains special letters of Polish alphabet such as “ó”, “ń”, “ł” and when it is exported in a csv, I get a “?” instead of the letter. I have tried all the types of encoding.
Is there a way to overcome this?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @ChrMavrom

UTF-8 encoding should be sufficient in this case. If I use the symbols you describe, it’s written correctly to the csv file.

Input and output:


when i open it in an notepad, i can see the letters. when i open it using excel I only see ?.
Any advises?

You didn’t mention that :wink: Use the import function of Excel instead to ensure UTF-8 compatibility.


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Hi @ChrMavrom

I can confirm UTF-8 option @ArjenEX mentions generates Polish letters (small and capital ones) correctly. Please make sure to have Polish language installed for Excel (Office).
Happy KNIMEing,


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