Write text labels into an image for export

Hi all,

is it possible to export a labeling with the name of each labeling written onto the image? The Bounding box renderer of the Interactive Segmentation view is useful but doesn't display the labels themselves (did I miss something)? I'm looking a way to export an annotated image for (offline) quality control, and for exporting during workflow execution (e.g. in each iteration of a loop).

Should I look into the report designer for this?



Alright, I found the Labeling to PNG Images node that has the option Show bounding box names, so that's what I need.

One thing confuses me though: why is this node giving a collection column as output??




PS: while trying, I found that using the Labeling to RGB Img (which outputs 3 channels) and then the Image Writer node, the images written on disk are grey level images. Is this a bug or did I miss anything?


HI Jan,

Which image format did you write ? If I write Images as TIFFJAI (.tif ) file the colors come out correctly.

I will investigate why  the JPEG options seems to  to only create gray images and the PNG option creates seperate channels for the colors that don't get rendered correctly in my image viewing software. See the bug on github for progress on this issue: https://github.com/knime-ip/knip/issues/303

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