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I have a workflow where at some point I have a loop (Group loop) working only with a part of an initial DB data.
In the middle of this loop, I would like to write in an automatic way data which I consider “mistakes” (I want to apply a filter on a FLAG calculated before) and these mistakes should be written into an excel sheet.
Every loop cycle the Excel writer should write the data in a new Excel sheet.

The cycles are 110 and it is in the middle of the workflow, so it is obvious that I can’t do it manually.
Is this possible to do it automatically?

Hello @pnotova ,

I think you can. I suggest you create a variable for the name of the Excel file, so that the name includes the iteration. In this way, every time you save the Excel file, you won’t overwrite with the latest file the previous one. Have a look at this workflow:

Hope I was clear :slight_smile:
Have a nice day,
Raffaello Barri


Raffaello thanks a LOT! sometimes the answer is simpler than ever.
IT has worked!

have a great day!


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Sometimes I have to save the output of a workflow that I use twice a week. Instead of using a loop and inserting the current iteration in the Excel name, I use the function today(), so the name is something like 2023-05-03_output.xlsx and won’t be overwritten by the next iteration :slight_smile:

Glad it helped :slight_smile:


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