Write to Excel Template Node - Create Missing Folders


I think there’s an issue with the “Write options”, “Create missing folders” in this node. It doesn’t seem to create the missing folders.

If the folder “november” (for example) doesn’t exist I get this error:

When I create the folder manually, it works okay.

Please note that I’m using a variable to control where the file is written to, and wonder if that’s potentially related?

Could be one for @AnotherFraudUser or @iCFO - apologies if that’s not the case.

All the best - JD.

Additionally, would it be possible to have an “Append” option?

@AnotherFraudUser is the creator and developer of this node. So you tagged the right person. I have run into problems or failures with other nodes when directories don’t exist as well. I use this node first as a quick solution.


@Unlockedata will put it on the list for things to check👍
I use a standard KNIME component there, maybe some setting is not quite right :thinking:

regarding the append - what is the expected difference to
Write to last physical row option?

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