Write to Excel Template Variable Issue

Also, I did notice that there is a difference in the output file of your node vs the built in excel write node. There is almost 1MB of data missing when your node writes the excel.

@languy22 smaller file does not have to be bad? :thinking:
In general my node attaches the data to the existing file without changing the formatting.
So could it be that enabled e.g. auto-sizing in the normal node increases the file size.

Are any rows missing?
Else I would say this is a feature and not a bug :smiley:

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Not sure yet on the missing rows, I have to look into it.

One thing I would recommend adding is to have an option to overwrite all of the data on the page you want to write to. It looks like it does but if the original data on the page is longer than what it is writing it leaves the old data.

For example, the original file has 7000 rows. The new data the node is putting in is 5000 rows. The node will write the new 5000 rows of data but leave the old 2000 below it. Thus, messing up the data, especially if you have changed what columns you are pulling in.

Excel writer has an option that says if sheet exists overwrite, append or fail. I think this would be a good addition to your node.

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Hi @languy22,

the new update (which should be available tomorrow morning) fixes the sheet name display with file connection. As well should a sheet be selected which does not exists - then a new sheet with this name is created instead of the node failing.

As well I added the “clear before writing option” (advance settings tab)
The clear option will keep all formatting of the file but removes all data and formulas from the sheet.

*Will check how I will continue with this node in 4.7 - most likely I’ll merge all these changes into the original node and remove the extra “with path” node.

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Hello @AnotherFraudUser

I just installed the latest update but none of these updates are showing up.

I have the latest installed, I think.


Hi @languy22,

for 4.6 the update should be 202211201803:

Look fine for me there:

for 4.5

its the same update id you have (so I guess you are using this one?)

Looks fine to me as well :see_no_evil:

Does the option showup if you move a “fresh” node into the workflow? :slight_smile:

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No, I don’t get that. I just uninstalled the whole plugin. Reinstalled and dragged new node in and still shows up like the old one.

Hi @languy22

Could you try to add the -clean option to your knime .ini

Sorry for the trouble - not sure why the version does not show up for you :frowning:

FYI - I updated and tested on my installs as well and didn’t see the new settings either.

Hi @iCFO,

thanks for testing!
What version of knime did you use? :thinking:

I run current release, but not nightly.

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Thats strange :frowning:
Also have KNIME 4.6.4 and it should showup in the (with Path) Node :thinking:

Could you try to add the -clean option?

I just noticed that the node name changed to add (with Path) at the end. I didn’t realize that this was a new node rather than a change to the old one. I was probably just inserting the old node with a shortcut macro button or from my favorites list. I will test again later this morning.

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yeah I added all the changes for @languy22 in a temporary new node - just to make sure not to brake anything while testing for other users :slight_smile:
With Knime 4.7 all feature will be added to the normal node

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@AnotherFraudUser - All of the new settings are showing up on my end in 4.6.4. Now that I am looking at the right node that is… :crazy_face:

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