Write to Excel Template

Hi Everyone,

I am currently taking advantage of the Write to Excel Template Node to place data and maintain formatting, specifically for drop down functionality. The issue is that my excel spreadsheet template has multiple sheets.

I have tried to loop the data by sheet, but the write to excel template node will always overwrite the file, causing for only the data on the last tab to display. Has anyone ever found a work around so that my final file can have all 3 sheets?

Hi @sanchezwalter , a similar issue came up in the post below from last year. Does the workaround suggested there help in your case?

Specifically see this post on that thread…

I can’t determine if this will work in your case but take a look and let us know. Also, which version of KNIME are you using? The “workaround” used a piece of java to choir or xls sheets, and the code there is likely to work only with specific versions of KNIME as the supplied libraries change with different releases.

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