Write to Powerpoint - 1 sentence per slide (Teleprompter)

Hi there,

I have a somewhat uncommon request (don’t know if this belongs here or in the Text Processing subcategory).

  • I have a table that contains several rows of text, one sentence per row.
  • I want KNIME to loop through these rows and write each iteration to a new Powerpoint slide. I know that BIRT is an option to create PPT files but my understanding is that this cannot happen inside a workflow (so it can’t be looped for example)

Is there a way to do this, I want to avoid wasting time with “copy & paste” through endless document (lazy guy here :smile: )

Ah that is a beautiful BIRT Challenge! Give it a chance :slight_smile:
I make you an example.

First the workflow looks like this, easy :slight_smile:

(or you need a list of sentences, this is what I did with the Cell Splitter and Ungroup afterwards make sure your columns are nicely named with the Column Rename )

Than go to BIRT


Drag and Drop the Table into the BIRT Report

Select the Row in the table (You can see this in the Breadcrump) And choose under PageBreak in the Propery Editor “Always”

Than generate it as a powerpoint:


And (small taddaaa :)) one page per sentence.

Small commercial comment: With the KNIME Server you can now have sent this to yourselve via email daily/hourly or just every few minutes.

I uploaded the workflow to my KNIME Hub Space https://hub.knime.com/iris/spaces/Public/latest/ExamplesForTheForum/OnePagePerLine

PS: Btw. here you can find how I generate the node links to the KNIME Hub : Search and link KNIME Hub directly from your forum post!


@Iris - I hope the next KNIME spring summit in Berlin will be “live” (compared to virtual). Do you know why? Because I owe a drink :tropical_drink: or two :tropical_drink::tropical_drink:because of …

  • your extremely fast responses :racing_car:
  • a perfect solution (see my screener below) :+1:
  • an entertaining response :bulb:

KNIME simply is the best (tool / community) :clap::clap::clap:


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