Writing custom Java Snippet


I don't want to implement custom nodes for every single use case, but I am also somewhat unsatisfied with the current capabilities of the existing Java Snippets. So I thought maybe I could expand on the existing Java Snippets, adding things like a second input or the ability to process several consecutive rows at once. (Think GroupBy (Java) or Moving Aggregate (Java)). And of course if anyone would be interested, I would share them.

The thing is: I can't seem to find the source code for the snippets in the SDK. Aren't they publically available, or do I just look in the wrong places? Reinventing wheels may be fun, but in case of hot-swapping code in such a complex environment, the wheel does seem a little bit big without somewhere to start.

Add a dependency to org.knime.jsnippets to your plug-in and then you can browse the source code via the "Plug-in Dependencies" subtree in the package explorer.

It took some time, but I got it now. On to developing. Thanks!