Writing in different Excel workbook data according to the present in a column

Hi family,

I have a task to perform which consists of creating 250 excel workbooks at least from a txt file consolidated in knime.
I tried to do this with group Loop Start - Excel writer - Variable Loop End, but it is still impossible for me to obtain the desired result.

Thanks for your help

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In what way(s) did the output differ from your desired output?

How are you creating and naming these workbooks?

What is the criterion by which the rows are routed to different Excel workbooks?

Can you share the workflow or some data? Even a dozen example rows would help.


You could have a look at these examples and maybe change them to your needs

Hi mlauber71,

here is attached the workflow and the excel files that I want to obtain. you will see image 01 representing the folder in which I want to write the different files, image 02 is the result I want to obtain, image 03 shows the column which allows me to create the name of the sheet.

DX00021.xlsx (8.5 KB) DX00022.xlsx (8.5 KB) DX00023.xlsx (8.5 KB) DX00024.xlsx (3.7 KB)

Uploading: Image03.png…Writing_diff_workbook_Excel.knwf (38.9 KB)

Hi family,

just tell you that i found the solution to what i wanted.

here is the image of the final workflow. Thanks for your help.!


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