Writing into a Network Drive in KNIME Server


How can I write an Excel file into a Mounted Network Drive? I am able to write into it when running the WF in local, with the help of the credentials input node, but when scheduling on the server it does not work.

However, I am able to read files from the folder via List Files with Authentication nodes, also on the server.

There already are some posts about it but without a solution, this one for example:

Writer nodes don’t work with mounted network drives on Windows - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum.

Thank you in advance

Hi @PrezRio4

You can use the new-ish SMB Connector in combination with the updated File Handling system to work with network drives.

Let me know if that makes sense.

Wali Khan


Dear Wali Khan,

Unfortunately, we are currently working in the KNIME Server version 4.02, and has not installed that nodes yet, but I have requested my company to do it.

Is there any workaround on this?

Thank you in advance,


Hey Jorge,

Would highly recommend upgrading the KNIME Server as 4.0 is about 2 years old now, and the SMB nodes should do the trick.

You could try using some of the Erlwood nodes. If I remember correctly you should be able to path directly to the mounted drive on this version as well. You would have to give the KNIME service user for access/permissions to the mounted drive. Erlwood Knime Open Source Core – KNIME Hub

Wali Khan

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