Writing multiple nodes into same sheet

Hello, facing an issue while appending to same sheet in KNIME 4.1.1

Consider I have these two nodes “EXTRACT TABLE DIMENSIONS” which has the row and column count.
I want them to be written into a single sheet like this:

Is is possible to achieve this in KNIME 4.1.1 ?

Hi @Saishiyam

I believe it is possible :wink:

I would use:

  1. -RowID- node to extract the RowID into a column that I would call “RowID”.
  2. Concatenate both tables using the -Concatenate- node.

This should do the job.

Hope it helps.




I added some flavour nodes to get the column header into the table, but it’s exactly what Ael suggested:

concatenate table specs.knwf (58.8 KB)


Hi @Thyme & @aworker Thank you. It seemed to work. Just one more thing to this, suppose I want a pivot also to be attached here in this same sheet besides the table and row count, Concat doesn’t seem to work for that. May I know if there is any node that would solve this?
Btw Im using the 4.1.1 version


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If you want to have the tables side by side, you need a Column Appender.
I squeezed in a Rule Engine without an expression to put an empty column between those tables.

I’m running version 4.5.1 and some of the nodes used here have been upgraded. Not sure if that affects you, but I didn’t use any specific settings, so you should be fine.

concatenate table specs.knwf (73.2 KB)


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