wrong column order in table reader node

Hi everybody,

we are using the table writer and reader nodes to save and read the exact tables in KNIME.
Unfortunately, we realised that the column order changes. Between writing and reading.
In Detail, the table reader node remembers the old column position somehow and reuses it. If I am opening the table reader I can see the right order from the input table and the output then has the wrong order. I can also press the reset button in the settings section of that node and the order in the output is right.

We have tried several checkboxes but could not find out how to force the node to simply take exactly what is in the given table and not to save any information an reusing it.

Can someone give me a hint? Otherwise we can not use the node anymore. We testen that under KNIME version 4.5.1 and 4.7.0


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@laval you might have to activate the option to support changing file schemas:


Thanks a lot @mlauber71 I knew this function from the Excel node but somehow didn’t see it here.

All the best!

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