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I am a new user to KNIME. I am using the XLS Reader node to import an excel table. However, this table contains numerous formulas in most cells. When I try to import it, I am receiving the #XL_EVAL_ERROR#. Is there a way to read the computed data in the cell or am I forced to copy/paste value in excel? I am charged with automating as many steps as possible, so I am attempting to avoid that.

Thanks in advance

You could try to reevaluate the formulas of your excel sheets while importing them, although this will need more resources.

My other idea is that maybe your Excel files do not automatically recalculate your formulas, you might have to change something with the settings in Excel so it will always have an updates result for the formulas

Another note: a few years back Excel had a very nasty recalculation bug when excel files got very large - it would simply stop updating the formulas even if you had the settings on. Solution back then was to have a Macro simulate a keyboard entry for forced recalculation (Ctrl-Alt-F9) … OK maybe these are old stories …


Hi @NLane!

Don’t worry. Considering this is KNIME forum and is intended for questions, comments, suggestions and more regarding KNIME software your topic is more than allowed. Hope you will find your answers here :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to always share data (or at least part of it), if you can of course. That way KNIME team members and people from community can test it and help will come sooner I believe. Dummy data that simulates real one works as well :wink:

Happy KNIMEing!

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