XLS Coloured Writer wishlist

Not sure if this component is still under active development… but I’d have some wishes.
(Ideally that color feature would be part of the stock Knime XLS writer anyway… Hint :wink: )

It would be nice if the writer allowed to:

  • only color partial number ranges. Like color red when >= a certain number, and nothing otherwise (no green, no yellow).
  • configure the colors used, instead of the hardcoded green/yellow/red/blue (per column)
  • also color rows, so I can highlight an entire row based on some condition (e.g. error; that could also allow to apply alternating backgrounds to row to make the result easier to read)



If you absolutely must you could use Python (openpyxl) to do a lot of manipulations on your Excel files - which of course is not so KNIME-like.

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Interesting… I’ll see how big the pain will become, to go that way :wink: Thanks for the suggestion!

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